How Many Days Camping Is Perfect for Family Camping?

How many days in camping in holidays

A lot of parents are intimidated by the thought of camping with young children. They are right to think that it can be difficult. Little ones get cranky and bored easily, and they can’t control their emotions like adults can. They may scream, cry, or misbehave. This can be tough to deal with when you’re away from creature comforts. Lots of parents do go on longer camping trips with their children. They spend up to three, five, even seven days out in the wild. Some stick to official campsites only. Others are happy to trek through the woods and find their own. So, can you really turn camping into a holiday if you have a young family? How many days makes for the ideal camping holiday?

These are important questions for parents. This guide to vacation camping will help provide some valuable answers.

Is It Possible to Camp for a Week with Kids?

Yes. It is very possible. You just need the right equipment and a good plan. A great tent is vital for longer camping trips. You need to find the best family tent for your needs. It should be fairly roomy and spacious. There should be enough space for the kids to play inside. Zip up sections is useful too. They are good for maintaining privacy while changing.

The best family tents will be strong and weatherproof. It might take longer to pitch than a pop up tent. Poles and pegs are tricky to master for those who haven’t done it before. There’s no rush if you’re camping for some nights, though. Check the weather forecast before leaving the house. Arrive early when there’s no rain and take your time with the tent.

Should First Time Family Campers Brave a Whole Week?

For a first ever family camping trip, a week is too long. Try three days first. Then five days. Build it up each time until you’re all comfortable being in the great outdoors. Camping trips longer than three days should be done on an official campsite. It will be hard to keep the kids clean and hygienic otherwise. Official campsites have proper toilets and hot shower facilities.

Three days is enough for a first time trip to a wild camping spot without these facilities. You’ll need to pack extra supplies for every day that you’re there too. Don’t forget that. Create a list of all the things that you’ll need. Include food and a rough idea of what and how you’ll cook on each day. Young children don’t much care if cooking in the wild is hard. They’ll get upset and sulk if they’re not fed when needed.

Are Camping Vacations with the Family Really That Hard?

There are lots of challenges associated with family camping. There are many rewards too. The secret to success is having a clear plan of action. Be organized right from the start. Finding the best family tent will take time and effort. Putting together an exhaustive list of supplies won’t be a five-minute job. Don’t forget to think about activities as well. Longer camping trips can be boring for kids if there isn’t enough to do.

Official campsites are great for this. They are secure and safe. You can leave the tent and the pitch unattended and drive to nearby attractions. The best way to do this is to research what is in the area before you go. Plan out your activities for each day of the trip. Day one will be a time for setting up camp. On day two you might visit a working farm or petting zoo. Day three you could go on an easy hike through some beautiful scenery.

Why Are Camping Vacations a Great Choice?

There are lots of reasons why you should take your kids camping for more than one night. In fact, you should choose this as your annual family vacation. At least for one year. It will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Travelling is less stressful. There are no airports or hot coaches filled with people. You can let the kids get a bit dirty and close to nature.

Overall Talks

You can teach them all about the natural world and the wildlife around them. Together, you can pick up bugs. You can study colorful flowers. You can pretend to be wild tigers in the undergrowth. It is important that you give your kids the chance to do these things. And to really enjoy the experience. Children are very resilient. They adapt to all kinds of things. So, they might surprise you by taking to the wild like ducks to water.

Family camping trips are a wonderful way to be together. They don’t rely on technology. They help parents to reconnect with their kids and vice versa. This is more important than ever right now, and you should grab the opportunity.